This weeks cake of the week was fit for a king! We love making your cake dreams come true and our decorators love extravagant and unique designs so don’t feel shy go all out on your order.

A two-tier cake with a metallic finish and a royal crown. Our classic vanilla sponge with jam and frosting was made fresh for Rico’s banquet. This cake is perfect for making your King (or Queen!) feel extra special on their special day and we at Studio Cakes love nothing more than making your day fit for the Royals. You can have your choice of sponge, filling, and colour so it really is exactly what you want.

They always say, when tackling a task, start with the most difficult part and this crown was a challenge for sure! It was handmade with a marshmallow and Rice-Krispie mix and moulded into a dome. It was then decorated with a modelling fondant and hand painted for the perfect golden finish.

The most delicious part of the cake also required hand-painting in layers to get those really vibrant colours; taking the time to add dimension and elegance. We love the finish of a hand painted cake and we have plenty of pigments to choose from so why not pop in and see what we can do for your cake.